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I've decided to keep Jewelry confined to the Accessories folder (for the time being) and Shoes & Boots can go into clothing. If we get alot of deviations in those folders, then we'll see if it warrants an expansion.
So as I was cruising DA looking for stuff to feature (you know, in hopes of advertising and gaining members *shot*) it dawned on me that we still don't have proper clothing categories! (I just hope this doesn't deter people too much from submitting clothing items) D8

Until I figure how I want to arrange this (IE: clothing, shoes and jewelry will probably be separate) you can go ahead and submit to the Accessories folder (but if you've got something REALLY nice, I won't mind if you stick it in the featured folder). Also, I've updated the rules as if we're going to allow people to make their own parts for models, mesh modifications need to be addressed.

That being said, if one of the staff (myself or any future co-founders that may join in the future) send you an add request for a deviation and you know it's a modification of someone else's work (the part or accessory you're featuring in the picture), please be honest and let us know before you approve the deviation to be submitted to the gallery. Nobody will be angry or upset (since it's a misunderstanding, it happens and it's nobody's fault).

As always, downloads are entirely optional. The core purpose of this group is to showcase your work, and hopefully to inspire others to create great works of their own!
I can't believe it took me this long to figure out how to do it T__T

Anyways, the permissions for folders other than Featured are actually collapsible (hence why I didn't find them in the sea of settings... doy). So with that out of the way, here's how things are going to happen.

1. You can still submit to the Featured folder, so long as it's a finished work (no WIPs, those should go directly to the "Works in Progress" folder, otherwise they'll just be moved when I find them). After a while they'll be moved to their appropriate category folders so that we can showcase new things.

2. If there's a category I missed (I've actually been thinking I missed one for cosmetics?) feel free to note me and we can discuss the idea further. I'm open to suggestions, so long as they're not too specific as I don't think DA supports subfolders (not sure if this applies to supergroups).

3. If all goes well, I might have time to plan a contest for you guys (with modest prizes of course). That will have a folder of it's own (so it's easier to sort through and view entries)
EDIT: Seems I've posted this twice by accident, so the earlier one has been removed.

I've noticed that the group is slowly becoming more active lately, so I'll start moving stuff from featured to the appropriate categories now. You guys can keep submitting there until further notice (if I start getting floods of deviations). I'll only move the stuff that's been there for a while, to make room for the new.

Also, :iconyowafan: has started up a PMCA group. If you don't know what PMCA is, it allows you to quickly and easily assemble a model from a selection of parts and textures (or you can add your own). Link to the group is located below.

So here's how it's going to work for the time being.

If you'd like, you can submit qualified deviations to the featured folder until the galleries start to fill up and the group gets to be more active. They'll eventually be moved to an appropriate category anyway, but there's no need to do it just yet.

Later on, when there are more coming in I'll start to get more strict about where submissions go.

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